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Welcome to Northwest...

One of the Core Values at Northwest is "We are going to be intentional about discipleship." Within that intentionality we say "we are going to be a little more like Jesus tomorrow than we were today."
If we are a true disciple we will live a life that reflects the image of Jesus in everything we do. If we are going to be more like Jesus that means we have to get to know Jesus. You can not imitate someone you do not know.
In 2018 Northwest is going to do a series of series on Jesus. We are going to look at the testimony of New Testament people who knew Jesus and lived a life devoted to following Him as His witnesses.
We are beginning the series with a series called "I Am." It is basically a look at what Jesus says about Himself through the gospel of John.
If you want to know more about Jesus, who He Is and what He does for you, this year should be a great time to get to know the Great I Am.

If you're looking for a place where you can come as you are, a place to find answers or find support to help you face everyday, then you've found a home at Northwest.  Take a look around our site.  If we can help you, in any way, please let us know.  (Click here to contact us.)