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Advent Conspiracy Offering 2016


Join us Friday, December 22nd at 7:00PM (prelude music starts at 6:30 PM with Walt Wise) for our Christmas Candlelight Service, "Simply Hope." We will take up the Advent Conspiracy Offering during the service. 

Every year at our Christmas Candlelight service we take up an Advent Conspiracy Offering. The idea behind the offering is to retell the story of "the Gift" we received from God on Christmas. He sent His Son to bring change to the world by restoring our relationship with Him. 

So when we take up an offering we want it to be a gift that does two things: 1) Bring change and restoration and 2) be relational. 

This year we have decided to use the money from our Advent Conspiracy Offering for four things:

1) Finish Printing Bibles for the work William and Robin Butler have been doing for over 30 years in Papua New Guinea. William was with us in the Spring talking about the life long work they have done to create a written language, teach the people of the village the written language and then write the Bible in that language. So we are going to commit a large portion of our Advent Conspiracy to help print the Bible so they won't have to spend a lot of time raising the money. 

2) Puerto Rico was devastated by a hurricane so part of our Advent Conspiracy Offering will go to help bring some change and restoration led by John and Mary Gidley who we support through our Missions Team. We will plan a work trip from Northwest to go help in the area of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.

3) We are going to use a portion of the offering to participate in another COOL Day in Cuyahoga Falls. 

4) We will also use a portion of our Advent Conspiracy Offering to put our 6th well in Zimbabwe.

Our goal for the offering this year is $18,000. If we exceed what we need for these three projects we will put it toward the printing of the Bibles. 

Pray for the Butler's in PNG, the Gidley's and the school in Puerto Rico, COOL Day in Cuyahoga Falls and the four villages we have put a well in Zimbabwe: Mukazi (2), Mashoko, Mukanga and Vheremu.