Covid -19 Things to know about Northwest

The Covid-19 virus will go down in history as a time when all our normal routines changed drastically. 

Northwest has had to rethink many things over the last week. Here are some of the things we are doing to make sure we stay connected as the church even though we can't gather physically.

1) The offices will be closed and we will be working from home. You can still contact us by calling the church at 330-929-5776 and we will call you back. 

2) There are no activities going on in the building until further notice. 

3) At 10 am, Sunday's Worship will be done live stream on Facebook Live. Go to our church Facebook page @ Northwest Ave. Church of Christ and click our like button if you have not already liked our page.

One of the things you can do is invite people to join your watch party on Facebook. This would enable you to be able to engage with friends as you watch together.

You could also invite other Facebook friends to join the watch party who may not have a church family to engage with. 

Be sure to share that we are live.

4) During our live feed, there will be a time of prayer for offering and a time to participate in communion. Have some juice and crackers available for communion.

As far as giving, you can do it two ways:

     1) You can give online here (Online Giving) or click on the multi-color online giving banner to the right of this post.

     2) You can also mail it in with the envelope provided in your offering envelopes. If you don't have offering envelopes, call the office and we will get you signed up. 

5) Scott and Keith will post from time to time on this page offering up encouragement on how we can be the church during this pause in normalcy.