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Sunday @ 10 AM
Easter At Home

Sunday we will do something we have never done in my lifetime and probably yours. We will not dress up the family, go to church, take some pictures and have a big dinner on Easter Sunday! There are no big Easter Egg Hunts, no big Easter celebrations and no Easter bonnets. 

It is not what we were expecting for the biggest Christian gathering of the year world wide. 

It seems kind of depressing doesn't it? Maybe we can begin to understand what was going on with the Disciples and some of Jesus' closest friends that first Easter morning. Then slowly, the word started to get out that something had happened. Something BIG!

Jesus was no longer in the tomb, He had Risen! He is Alive! 

This message brought New Life to those that were closest to Him. It changed them as followers as the news began to spread that Jesus was alive! As they began to examine the reality of His resurrection, it was obvious Jesus came to change the world. He came to bring peace, hope, joy and love to a world that desperately needs those things. 

Without all the other stuff we are use to when it comes to Easter Sunday, spend some time examining the reality of the Resurrection for your life. Let Jesus change you! Let Jesus give you New Life! 

Maybe it is good to take a break from all the other things associated with Easter so we can just focus on Him. 

Sunday, invite friends and relatives to join us in their own homes as we focus on the New Life we have in Jesus. 

Here is the song list for Sunday if you want to listen ahead of time you can click on the links below. Listen to the words, focus on the message you get from them and ask God to change you and give you New Life. 

Holy Water - We the Kingdom