As we prepare to come back together we are encouraging you to gather in smaller groups. We ask that you only do what you feel comfortable doing. As we work on regathering we need to remember it will look different for a while. 

We ask that you remember three words as we work through this new journey together:


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions for Phase One (smaller gatherings):

Can we meet with more than 10?

We are not going to try to micro-manage this process. If you keep in mind the two words above this may help navigate the answer. Respect those you are gathering with and the guidelines put out by the state when it comes to the number that can gather and their guidelines for social distancing. Don’t be irresponsible, the state has focused on the phrase “Be Safe.” Secondly, do what you and others are comfortable doing. Don’t try to force someone to do something they are not comfortable doing. Respect where how they are seeing what is happening in our culture.

What about children?

It is difficult to keep children from social distancing they don’t understand what that means and it goes against their natural instincts. Include them in the gatherings, have them watch the weekly lesson time Keith does every week. Have someone discuss the topic with them for a few minutes after they watch. The one thing that can make an impact on them is your commitment to gathering with other believers and taking your faith seriously. Again, respect each other and do what you are most comfortable doing.

How can we get the single servings for Communion?

            If you send Scott ( or Janelle ( an email with the number you need we will bag them up and set up a time for you to pick them up or we can drop them off on your porch.

What about words for the songs?

We are going to put up a link to download your own bulletin on our website/Facebook in a pdf format. You can print them off yourself. It will include the words to the songs, prayer concerns and any special announcements. Do keep in mind there may be a time the worship leader may change a song at the last minute. It does not happen often, but it does happen sometimes.

How do we let you know if we are gathering and who we are gathering with?

You can check in on Facebook in the comment section. You can post something like “Hey, we are watching at my house with . . . (list the names) and we are going to eat together afterwards.” Or you can send us an email letting us know who you gathered with. This helps us make sure people are staying connected while we are not gathering in a larger setting.

What discussion questions can we use to discuss the sermon topic?

            Try to have conversations around the assignments in the Core 52 chapter we are doing for that week.

When are we going to be able to gather on Sunday Morning at the church?

There are a lot of things we need to work out in creating a safe an welcoming environment. We are having some of those discussions now. Keep in mind we want to do it respectfully and want people to be comfortable. The focus is on Unity.