Gathering Again June 28th!

It is exciting to be able to say we are going to begin gathering again on June 28th! We will meet at our normal time 10 am.

While this is exciting news, we need to still keep in mind the three words we need to focus on – Safe, Slow, Unified!

While we are all excited about coming back together, we need to all realize this is still a work in progress. We are not just opening the doors, and everything will be back to the way it was on March 8th. We will get there but it is going to take some time and we are going to have to work together in order to get back to normal. There will be some things we are going to have to do for the time being that we may not like at first, and this is why the word Unified is so important. We can’t let this crisis divide us which means we are going to need to be patient through this process. It is an opportunity for all of us to pull together and take some ownership of making sure we come back together Safe, Slow, Unified.

We are going to continue to offer an Online Video Feed even when we are back to full capacity.

As always, we are asking you to only do what you feel comfortable doing. Here are the recommendations we are asking of everyone as we begin to gather again (we are going by recommendations from the CDC. There will be signs with information posted from the CDC website):


-          If you are a vulnerable person, we are encouraging you to stay home and watch online

-          When we begin gathering, we are going to encourage social distancing which means:

o   Stay away from hugging, shaking hands and keep a six-foot distance as much as possible. (You may feel comfortable doing those things, but someone you have not seen for a while may not. Respect where they are coming from).

o   Every other pew will be taped off and when you sit in a pew try to keep a six-foot distance between your family and someone else’s (Respect other people and their level of comfort)

o   There will be a specific aisle to enter and exit for each section. The center aisle will be closed.

o   Doors coming into the building and the worship center will be propped open to limit touching the handles on the doors both entering and exiting

o   In order to limit congregating, we are not going to offer coffee and Panera (you are welcome to bring your own)

o   Communion will be single serve on the welcome center and tables in each hallway for you to pick up on your way in and trash cans for disposal on your way out.

o   Offering boxes will be placed in the same place as the communion for you to place your offering in on your way in or out for those who are not giving online or mailing in.

o   There will be a live video feed in the FLC for families with children to watch the service at tables with your families. There will also be things for your children to do during the live feed.

o   Masks are optional (Respect peoples position on masks, don’t let masks become a divisive issue).

o   We are not going to offer ABF’s or Huddles until we have a plan to disinfect rooms before and after use. We are focused on just coming together for worship first (Safe and Slow) Of course ABF’s and Huddles could meet off location if they chose for those who are comfortable.

o   We will not be offering anything for children when we begin gathering. We will be working on a plan to bring that back Safe and Slow

o   There will be access to hand sanitizer in different areas of use

o   We will not be handing out bulletins. You can get those emailed to you if you have not received an email yet email Janelle at and she will then put you on the list.

o   We will not be setting out anything to be picked up other than communion

How You Can Help

-          Practice social distancing and practice the three words Safe, Slow, Unified

-          We need people who are willing to help sanitize high contact areas after worship. We will provide the products for people to use (The Cleaning Ministry Team will take care of normal weekly cleaning of Bathrooms, vacuuming and etc.)

-          Greeters will be around to answer questions about the process of entering, exiting, communion and offering. They will not be handing out bulletins.

-          We need help weeding the beds and mulching before we come back June 28th. We will probably announce a workday to spread mulch and weed. Or you can come at your own leisure to weed. It may be a way to get your ABF/Huddle or life group together for a project and lunch.