New Order from The State for Summit County Requires Masks for Worship Services

Thursday July 9, the state moved Summit County into a Level 3 Risk for the Covid-19 Virus. So what does that mean for churches in Summit County and particularly for Northwest?

It means that we will have to require those attending worship to wear a mask until we move back to a Level 2 Risk for Covid-19.

The following exemptions are in place for masks according to the order from the State:
Individuals under the age of 10 years old
A medical condition, including those with respiratory conditions that restrict breathing, mental health conditions, or disability contraindicates the wearing of a facial covering
The individual is communicating or seeking to communicate with someone who is hearing impaired or has another disability, where seeing the mouth is essential for communication
Individual is in an enclosed space, such as an office, and which space is not intended for access to the public
Individual is an officiant of a religious service
There are other exemptions that do not directly apply to Northwest

So until the level is lowered we are asking anyone who comes to Northwest on Sunday morning to wear a mask. So let’s see who has the best design for a mask this Sunday!