What's Happening

The Covid-19 issue has gone on longer than anyone would have hoped or even foreseen. We just want to give an update of what is going one here at Northwest.

We have been meeting in in person now for about 7 weeks. We are doing a good job of social distancing with every other pew taped off, single serve communion, offering boxes and required masks if you are not on stage. We have the outside doors propped open creating great ventilation. We have the Family Life Center set up with tables for families with children to come and watch the service streamed in and things to do for the children. We would like to thank everyone for helping make the Sunday morning experience Safe for everyone.

We are still doing our live stream on both Facebook and YouTube. If you have not subscribed to our YouTube Channel we encourage you to do so here.

While we would love to see you here, we are still encouraging everyone to do what they feel comfortable doing. Our goal is to stay Unified through this time of exile. We are still the church, just scattered.

The question we all have is when are we going to be back to gathering fully again. It is a great question, one we pray about and talk about. The key is to allow this to evolve into what is somewhat normal. We are going to be Slow and not hurried to get back. It is not ideal. We are beginning to see more people slowly feel comfortable enough to come to the gathering in person. Which is really the natural response. There is a little anxiety going to the store for the first time, going to a restaurant for the first time and going to worship for the first time. It is normal for there to be some hesitation.

It does not mean we can't still worship together whether in person or online. It does not mean we are not being the church, we are! We can still be striving to be a little more like Jesus tomorrow than we are today. It is obvious the world can use more of His presence living through us right now.

Safe, Slow, Unified