Urban Vision Christmas Store and Advent Conspiracy

As we approach the Christmas Season our focus is going to be on HOPE. This is definitely something we need to focus on considering all of the things we have experienced over the last 8 months. Just because we are going through Covid-19 it does not mean we stop bringing hope to the world around us.

Here are three things we need to let you know about that are coming up as we approach the Christmas Season:

December 6th we will begin our Christmas Series "Hope." To kick off the series Robin and William Butler will be here with us and during the service we will talk to William about the Hope the word of God brings to theWaran people of Papua New Guinea. How now they are able to read the Christmas story which brought hope to the world. We will also pray over their Bible and have our own small dedication service.

We are also going to partner with Urban Vision for their online Christmas Store. You are able to buy certain items, dropthem off at the church and they will be used as gifts people in North Hill will be able to purchase online for Christmas gifts with Urban Vision dollars they have earned. Here is the link if you would like to commit to buying an item for the Urban Vision Online Christmas Store (UV CHristmas Store)

Finally, we are going to do our Advent Conspiracy Offering again this year and here are the projects we are going to fund:

- Remember the Children: Power Connection for three ophan family homes in Tanzania
- Mukazi Zimbabwe: Fence for the Garden and New Roof for the school. This is a village we have provided two wells to in the past
- Project Manana (Dominican Republic): A contribution to the Hope Center they are builing. More info here
- Urban Vision: Whiteboards for classrooms

Be watching for more information as we approach the Christmas Season with an intentional focus on HOPE!