You will hear us talk about Huddles a lot here at Northwest and you may be asking yourself what is a huddle?

Well, a huddle is a small group made up of people here at church who meet together to go deeper into Sunday's message. This is a time to break down the message, dig deeper and see how we can take the message and apply it to our lives. Huddles are focused around two questions: 1) What is God saying to you? 2) What are you going to do about it?

A huddle group has a responsibility to each other to be supportive and accountable in what we share we feel God is prompting us to do and what we say we are going to do. It's a culture of high challenge and high support.

If you are interested in joining a huddle, below is a list of all of the huddles we have and where they meet. Huddles meet Sunday mornings at 11:15 AM after service. Feel free to try a couple out and find one that fits you best!

The Dream Team: Justin Harris- Meets in room 109-Every Sunday
Survivors Don Gergely Meets in Huddle Room (room 106) Group is for those who are grieving 
Home Not Alone: Ryan Dove & Russ Gergely- Meets in the Family Life Center-Every Sunday
Sister Act: Meets in room 307- Every Sunday- Women's Huddle
The Seekers: Dave Sobey- Meets in Conference Room- Every Sunday
The Searchers:Jim Brooks- Meets in the FLC- Every Sunday

Childcare is provided for the Sunday Huddles at the church. There are no huddles when there is a 5th Sunday.