Mission Details - True North

October 2016 was Missions Awareness Month at Northwest. For the month of October we  highlighted 5 missions that we support at Northwest. 

Oct 2: True North
This is a ministry one of our Elders, Dave Hall is invested in and has a passion for. 

True North Ministry *Liberating imprisoned youth through the Gospel of Jesus Christ*

True North is a ministry to youth incarcerated in the juvenile system. Some of the activities offered to these youth are a Sunday morning worship service, and a Sunday afternoon fellowship is held. A 'Friday night at the Movies' is held with pizza and quality Christian movies are shown. Every movie is followed with discussion. Biblical standards are encouraged in a fun relevant atmosphere. Several other activities are offered to help the incarcerated youth prepare to face the world when released. 

There is a dental lab technical training program, a career readiness program that prepare the youth for job applications, budgeting their money and how to keep and advance their job. 

Several Bible studies are held through out the week and a mentoring program is also implemented.