Pioneer Bible Translators

Pioneer Bible Translators, William and Robin Butler,

*Bringing the Word to Life among the Waran people of Papau New Guinea*

William and Robin Butler are translators serving with Pioneer Bible Translators (PBT) in Papau New Guinea since 1979. Following their arrival in PNG, God led the Butlers to work with the Waran people. After initial language learning they assisted the people in developing an alphabet for language and began literacy efforts. Translation began in the mid 1980's. God brought two Waran people to help with the translation, Samuel Sangon, and Seraah Tange. They formed the heart of the team that produced the New Testament. Seraah passed away in 2013, but Samuel continues and is a key member of the team. 

The gospel of Mark was completed and published in 2000. A draft of the entire New Testament was completed in 2008. In February 2016, William and Samuel worked together to complete the internal checking and revision of the final three small books. Now 100% of the NT has been through the most difficult and time consuming stage of the process. The translation team will also be working to review the entire New Testament and conduct final checks prior to the typesetting and publication in 2017!!

William and Robin Butler have two adult children, Tyler and Bethaney, and Robin's role in the early years in PNG was Mom and Teacher to their children. Robin's main role the last few years have been Government Relations. She is responsible for keeping on top of what is required for PBT to bring missionaries into the country and to keep them there.

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