Story of Changing Lives

Part of our mission at Northwest is "Changing Lives." Through the year there are different opportunities to bring life change in our community and throughout the world. Here are some of the things we have done over the last ten years:

Five wells in southern Zimbabwe giving 1000’s of people clean fresh water to drink and the ability to raise food year around.

Five churches in Zimbabwe where people are able to hear the Good News about Jesus

A Village in Papua New Guinea will have 1800 copies of the New Testament in their own language. (They would have raised the money anyway, however we removed the burden for the missionaries to have to raise money for the project so they could spend more time typesetting and proofing the text before it is printed.

19 homes in a five mile radius have had work done on their houses like fences built, retaining walls constructed, new doors, painting , new decks and landscaping.

100’s of people have been able to obtain clothing.

5000 sack lunches for children hearing the Good News in the North Hill area of akron.

School remodeled in Mayaguez Puerto Rico so impoverished children could have access to a better education in English.

A cabin built in Rosario, Puerto Rico for a camp which will be able to provide opportunity for people in that area to hear the Good News about Jesus.

Roof’s repaired after the hurricane in Puerto Rico

A home in Tanzania was completely furnished so that a Christian husband wife could bring change to 8 orphans in Tanzania, brought up to understand Christian Values.

Orphan children in Romania were able to have shoes

A single Mom was able to have a car to get her two children to and from school and she was able to get to work. The project was initiated through the local police department because we have a reputation of helping people.

About 40 children have been sponosered throughout the world through compassion giving impoverished children a better education and the opportunity to hear the Good News.

A single mom was able to purchase a weeks worth of scrubs so she dig not have to wash the one she owned every night, giving her more time with her children.