Jesus Next Door

Beginning January 31 we are going to begin a series based on Dave Clayton's book "Jesus Next Door." The subtitile to the book is "A 30-Day Prayer Guide to Help You Practically Love the People Around You." Jesus taught us by word and example that His followers would be people who would even "love their enemies and pray for those who persecute you." If you love like this Jesus said, "you will be sons of your Father in heaven" (Matthew 5:44-55). When you get your book, read the "Start Here" section. List the people you plan to pray for over the next month. When you pray for them ask for God to open up doors to become more relational. Let those conversations happen naturally, don't force the conversations. This is a place to let God's Spirit to lead. Make sure you are available and alert when those moments arise. We will begin the daily devotions together on February 1. Read the daily devotion and pray for the people around you that you have committed to pray for. On Sunday, we will reflect on one or two of the devotional thoughts that Scott or Keith connected with the most. We are going to find a way to give you space to share the one you connected with most as well. Another way to prepare for this series is to pray for God to use us. Pray for God to show up and WOW us as we go on this journey together. If you have not gotten the book, here is the link where you can purchase "Jesus Next Door." Here is a video Dave Clayton shared explaining thier journey of prayer in Nashville here